Sell your Bitcoin and Perfect Money in Ghana easily

What Can I Sell on

PayPlux is a digital currency exchange that allows you to sell digital currencies including both crypto and non crypto assets. We buy from you:
checkPerfect Money

Getting your Cash

Receiving your cash from PayPlux after selling can be done in various ways:

PayPlux Withdrawal Wallet

Choose to have your money kept in your withdrawal wallet for later withdrawal

Bank Payments

For amounts beyond GHSxxxxxx, fill a KYC form and leave your bank details for PayPlux to make you payments directly. You receive your money once your digital currency has been received by us.

With Mobile Money on all Networks

Send your money directly to your mobile money wallet on all networks.

The Process

Our process is very simple and easy to use.

1Choose digital currency to sell
2Choose amount to sell
3Choose how to receive your money
4Send the digital currency and wait for your money. You receive your money when digital currency sent has been received.

Visit the how to articles for more detailed steps for each digital currency.

Got some crypto to sell?