PayPlux is one of the oldest digital currency service providers in Ghana. Established over 15 years ago, our focus hasn't changed. Our mission and focus is to make digital currencies (both cryptos & non-cryptos) accessible, especially in the African regions. We want to empower you to participate in the ever growing and evolving digital currency landscape.

Our digital currency services allow users in Ghana and beyond to buy and sell various digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Perfect Money. Our diverse payment methods allow you to carry out your buy and sell transactions using Mobile Money, which is one of the most used payment systems in our part of the world.

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Over our decade of operating, we've had customers who have stuck with us all these years. Whether you just joined us or you've been with us since day one, there's something for you. Our rewards are in different categories:

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We want you to be able to appropriately represent us in that article or feature you want to write about us. For our partners and those who want us to sponsor any events, you'll find all the media kit in here. Contact us on any of our channels if you need something more.

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