How to Send MTN Mobile Money

MTN Mobile Money Procedure

For security reasons and to safeguard the general public from fraud, we only accept payments from mobile money numbers that have been verified on Its required that you verify the mobile money number you will be making payments from (both manual and automated) on to avoid delays. Any payment from an unverified number will need to be verified. (click here to verify your mobile money number)

Follow the steps below when paying from your own phone. However, when paying from an agent, provide our MTN money merchant number to the agent, and always remember to take the transaction ID

  1. Dial *170# on your MTN money phone
  2. Enter 1 to select Transfer Money and press Send
  3. Enter 1 to select Mobile User and press Send
  4. Enter 2 to select Merchant and press Send
  5. Enter our Merchant mobile money number and press send and repeat it again (click here for our number)
  6. Enter the Amount and press Send
  7. Enter your Secret PIN after you have cross checked and press Send
  8. Get the MTN Transaction ID from the SMS message you receive from MTN, or if you don't receive the SMS message after 30 minutes call MTN customer service to retrieve the Transaction ID

What To Do After Sending the Payment to PayPlux

You need to submit the payment details after sending the money to PayPlux. Follow the steps below to do this.

  1. Log into your PayPlux Account (click here)
  2. Click Wallet from the top menu
  3. Click Add Funds under the Prepaid Wallet Balance
  4. Choose the Payment Method you sent the money from
  5. Complete the form under the Add Payment Details
  6. Click Submit