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Vodafone Cash Payment Instructions

Vodafone Cash Payment Instructions

Our Vodafone Cash Till Number / Agent Code is 1 1 6 4 7 2 . Use our Vodafone Cash Till Number / Agent Code when paying from your own phone (follow the instructions below).

  1. Dial *110# on your Vodafone cash phone
  2. Enter 2 to select Withdraw Cash and press Send
  3. Enter 1 to select From Agent Cash and press Send
  4. Enter our Till Number which is 1 1 6 4 7 2 and press Send
  5. Enter the Amount and press Send
  6. Enter 1 to Confirm and press Send
  7. Enter your Secret PIN press Send
  8. Check your SMS inbox for the confirmation message that contains the Transaction ID

After Sending the Payment to PayPlux

Follow the steps below to add the payment details to your order so we can know you are the one who sent the payment

  1. Log into your PayPlux Account
  2. Click MY ORDERS and then click BUY ORDERS from the menu
  3. Click the VIEW link beside the order you paid for
  4. Click ADD PAYMENT tab
  5. Choose Mobile Money from Select Payment Method list
  6. Choose Vodafone Cash from What Network? list
  7. Type the Transaction ID
    (NB: You can get it from the sms you received from Vodafone after sending the money or if you don't receive the sms confirmation after 30 minutes call Vodafone cash customer service to retrieve it)
  8. Type the exact Amount Sent (GHS )
  9. Choose the exact Date you sent the money
  10. Click Submit

Do not use the live chat to notify us about the payment. Only use the live chat if your order has not been processed after 15 minutes.