Working Hours: Monday - Friday (8am - 9pm) & Saturday (9am - 8pm)

How to Buy from us

STEP 1: Creating a Buy Order

  1. Log into your PayPlux Account
    (if you don't have one then please create one at
  2. Click Buy Now
  3. Select the e-Currency you want to buy from us
  4. Select your Payment Method
  5. Click Proceed to Buy
  6. Complete the form wizard
  7. Follow the Instructions on the order confirmation page or continue to Step 2 below

STEP 2: Proceed to make Payment for your Order

After placing the order, the next thing to do is to make or send payment for the order. Click on your preferred payment method below to view the instructions to avoid any mistake.

STEP 3: Adding Payment Details to your Order

You should finish sending the money to PayPlux successfully before completing this final step. Follow the steps below to add the payment details to your order so we can know you are the one who made the payment

  1. Log into your PayPlux Account
  2. Click MY ORDERS and then click BUY ORDERS from the menu
  3. Click the VIEW link beside the order you paid for
  4. Click ADD PAYMENT tab
  5. Choose the PAYMENT METHOD you used
  6. Complete the form and Click Submit

After payment is confirmed, your order will be processed within 15 minutes